A better day starts with an Aurora night.

A better day starts with an Aurora night.

A company founded on the dream of better sleep for everyone.

Since 1993, Aurora Sleep Products has been providing a dream-inducing balance of lavish comfort and luxurious support - the perfect combination for a rejuvenating night's sleep. And as more and more research shows, the perfect night's sleep can lead to increased energy levels, improved health and improved overall wellness.

That's why our world revolves around the concept of better sleep. In fact, our company was literally founded upon this guiding principle. It all started when a couple moved to Central Florida back in 1993. The wife shopped for pillows, but was losing sleep over the fact that she simply could not find a good pillow. She thought . . . why buy a pillow you're not happy with when you can make your own-and make it better! So, the company was born and sales flourished.

Aurora Sleep Products was appropriately named after the cherished sleeping beauty character (Aurora) from the classic children's fairy tale. You might say we believe in sleeping happily ever after.

Today, Aurora Sleep Products is owned and operated by Michael Lezberg, a former Serta Mattress licensee and factory owner. Bringing decades of sleep industry experience to Aurora, Michael has transformed the business with innovation, new product lines and a continual quest to make the perfect pillow. What keeps us up at night? Helping people get a more rejuvenating night of rest.

A pillow for every walk of life

Aurora provides specially-designed pillows and sleep products for hotels, resorts, cruise lines, yachts, furniture stores, sleep shops, interior designers/work rooms, hospitals and medical industry, nursing homes, and even college dorms. With Aurora, customers can rest easy knowing they will receive the highest level of comfort, quality, personalized service and value.

We believe everyone deserves a rich sleep experience, without spending a fortune. And, you can feel good knowing you're buying the finest pillows, proudly made right here in the USA.

Don't dream about a better night's sleep, experience it with Aurora.

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